Connecting People Through Exercising.
An Exercising Accountability App.

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Connecting People Through Exercising.
An Exercising Accountability App

What is Pudgy Buddy?

Millions of matches later, PudgyBuddy has changed the way people connect to lose weight, So much more than a dating app or different social network, Pudgy Buddy is Powered by its smart matching algorithms based on your location, sport interests, skill level and practice so you can simply meet people, expand your network of fellow contestants, and meet people over the world with same aims.

PudgyBuddy is the first body fitness app of its kind that connects you with fitness-oriented people across the world to do fitness activities with that you both enjoy. You can use filters to workout with someone of a like body type, gender or similar fitness interests among other options.

Interfacing with similar individuals on Pudgybuddy is simple and fun-simply swipe up to like some person, or swipe down to skip. On the off chance that somebody loves you back, it's an amigo.

We are all about supporting you step away from the practical work, and get into the real world to play, participate, compete and achieve your targeted goals.


How Can The App Help You?

Connecting with like-minded people on Pudgybuddy is easy and fun, just drag to love someone or slip down to jump. If someone loves you, he's a buddy.


Sometimes the greatest motivation that your workout partner can provide is before and after your workout. Your PudgyBuddy will continue to push you and give you the extra motivation you need. Your physical partner is not only there to locate you, but to motivate you or to help you achieve your superior physique. Seeing better results will keep you motivated to seek more.

Improve your Health

One of the muscle building keys is to work until you cannot push more weight and have reached your pump. One of the keys to losing weight is to burn calories. The PudgyBuddy application will provide you with excellent solutions. Yet the application will become your Pudgybuddy and this will show you how to improve your overall well-being. We would love to share it with you!



Find your gym centre pals and pick up companions or somebody you may discover appealing. Match and add pals to associate with them join the group and find other individuals who can identify with you and offer a similar enthusiasm.


The application has been designed to be brilliant, attractive and polished. Working can be fun and even more fun with your PudgyBuddy. If you wish, the application can help you find more than a Pudgybuddy and maybe even a life partner!

The PudgyBuddy app is packed with amazing features that give you a good
reason to get started using this app

  • Build your fitness profile to share with others
  • Find other gym-goers across the globe
  • Add gym Buddy as friends and chat with them
  • Setup a time to meet up online and workout together online
  • Add your workout photos and share with others
  • View potential gym partners via map or list view.
  • Maintain your personal profile.
  • Specify your preferred workout time.
  • Specify what you require help .
  • Specify in your profile whether you want to to search for a male, female or both gym partner.
  • Specify the range from your location that you would like to search for a buddy.
  • Specify the age group that you would like to search between for your Buddy.
  • Pending Invites - where you will find requests received from a potential Buddy.
  • Pending Requests - where you will find requests sent to a potential Buddy.
  • Buddys - where all of your Buddys are listed. Here you can chat and invite your Buddy to a chatting session.
  • Block Functionality - simply click on the Buddy you wish to block from contacting you and click on the Block button.

Research Study - Improved performance when working out with a partner

A recent study by the Society of Behavioral Medicine took a look at the effects of training with a partner on your cardio work...

The participants in the study were divided into three groups that rode an exercise bike at a given percentage of their heart rate for time...

The first group was a control, and they exercised alone...

The second worked out with a single partner...

The third group worked out with a single partner and was told that the results of their test were based on the partner with the weaker performance...

Before we get to the results, it’s important to note that the partner was virtual. The participants Skyped with a partner and could see them exercising via a computer screen at the same time...

In the end, solo riders made it an average of 10.6 minutes on the bike before stopping...

Group two, the ones that rode with a partner on screen, went on for an average of 19.8 minutes. That’s an 87% difference. Imagine how much better your performance would be if you always exercised at a rate that much higher than you do now...

The third group was on the bike for an average of 21.9 minutes, an improvement just over double than going it alone. Tell me that’s not impressive...


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