No one should have to tackle their weight loss and fitness goals alone.

Pudgy Buddy is a health and fitness app that helps people lose weight and increase their fitness by matching them with another person who has the same common goals and similar profile; and coaching, motivating and educating the pair to support and strengthen this anonymous accountability relationship to achieve lasting, sustainable weight loss and increased fitness through the challenges set and managed by the Pudgy Buddy app and proprietary matching process, relationship management technology and goal setting system.


We are growing every day and everyone is invited to become part of the community. Feel more than welcome to join and share in the movement, a tipping point of the health and fitness world.

What is Pudgy Buddy?

Countless of matches later, Pudgy Buddy has enriched the way people connect to meet their health, fitness, and lifestyle goals. So much more than a chat support group or different social network, Pudgy Buddy is powered by its smart matching algorithms based on your location, goals, previous and future dieting habits, exercise plans, and level of commitment, so you can easily connect to your match ANONYMOUSLY and work together to achieve your common goals. Tools, notifications, reminders, and more will be at your fingertips so you and your new pudgy buddy can reach success!

Pudgy Buddy is the first app of its kind that connects you anonymously with your ideal like-minded match within the health, fitness, and lifestyle community, that allows you to find someone in your life who wants to achieve exactly what you want to achieve!No longer do you only have to rely on your friends or spouse to provide that support for you. As we all may have experienced, your loved ones may not see completely eye to eye with what you are looking to accomplish, or provide the level of support you need to keep going when it gets hard.

Interfacing with your “Pudgy Buddy” on Pudgy Buddy is simple and fun. Tools, notifications, reminders, goal trackers and more will be at your fingertips so you and your new pudgy buddy stay in communication and can reach success together.

The founders of Pudgy Buddy are just like you and we believe that if we had this type of support or motivation in our lives, we may have achieved our health, fitness, and lifestyle goals sooner. We are so excited to share this opportunity with you.

How Can The App Help You?

Connecting with like-minded people on Pudgy Buddy is easy! We will walk you through the creation of your profile where you will complete a survey of your past health, fitness, and lifestyle experiences, and future goals, how you want to be motivated. Once your profile is created, you will be able to select anonymously your other anonymous match based on our algorithms, your perfect support match. No pictures, no pressure, no worries. In fact, you get to pick your own avatar to represent your journey that changes as you reach your milestones!


Sometimes the greatest motivation that your Pudgy Buddy can provide is when the times get hard. At the end of every day, you will simply select one of three choices to say if you hit your goals, did so-so, or you struggled. A text message will remind you each day. Your Buddy will be notified of this, and can give you that extra push to get you over the hump. Pudgy Buddy partners encourage, support, and motivate each other.


Find your gym centre pals and pick up companions or somebody you may discover appealing. Match and add pals to associate with them join the group and find other individuals who can identify with you and offer a similar enthusiasm.

Improve your Health

By staying focused, committed to your plan and not falling off track, your health will improve. Pudgy Buddy is not going to tell YOU what to do! You tell us what YOU want to do, and we just get you the right partner to help each other succeed.The Pudgy Buddy application will provide you with excellent accountability tools and access based on what YOU and YOUR buddy decided you are going to do. . We would love to share it with you!


The application has been designed to be brilliant, attractive and polished. Hitting your milestones can be fun and even more fun with your Pudgy Buddy.There will be badges, accomplishments, and achievements along the way to show how you and your buddy are doing. There will even be leaderboards to show how you stack up with other buddies in your region, or across the world based on percentage of goals you and your buddy have achieved, points for daily communication and reporting. In your profile identification process you will have the option to share more personal details to go beyond an anonymous social and supportive relationship with your Pudgy Buddy to build lifetime friendships or partnerships.

Research Study

Research Study - Improved Performance When Working Out with A Partner

The third group worked out with a single partner and was told that the results of their test were based on the partner with the weaker performance.

Before we get to the results, it is important to note that the partner was virtual as Pudgy Buddy partners will be. The participants Skyped with a partner and could see them exercising via a computer screen at the same time.

In the end, solo riders made it an average of 10.6 minutes on the bike before stopping.

Group two, the ones that rode with a partner on screen, went on for an average of 19.8 minutes. That’s an 87% difference. Imagine how much better your performance would be if you always exercised at a rate that much higher than you do now.

The third group was on the bike for an average of 21.9 minutes, an improvement just over double than going it alone. These results speak for themselves and is the foundation for success at Pudgy Buddy.

A recent study by the Society of Behavioural Medicine took a look at the effects of training with a partner on your cardio work.

The participants in the study were divided into three groups that rode an exercise bike at a given percentage of their heart rate for time.

The first group was a control, and they exercised alone.

The second worked out with a single partner.

Pudgy Buddy

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We are constantly working hard on making the app better and more useful for your needs. If you think of a way we can be better, let us know. We are in this together.If you have enjoyed any feature of the “Pudgy Buddy”, tell your friends. No one should have to tackle their goals alone.

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